Domestic Debate: Dixie Denim

Eighty five percent of products carried by retailer Dixie Denim are produced in the United States. We checked in with the crew at the store to find out why they continue to support American Made gear.

How did Dixie Denim come into existence?
It came out of being frustrated with not being able to go out and find good quality made products. So it just came together after that! Found the right spot and got things going!

What American-made products and brands do you currently carry?

Freddie Chabot

Freddie Chabot, store manager

Currently we are carrying Matix Capital Collection, Red Wing, Thorogood Boots, Crate, New York Hat Company, Schott Perfecto, Bandit Brand, Repop MFG, American Apparel, and my own Dixie products.

How did you go about finding American-made products? What have been the greatest challenges in tracking down and carrying such brands?
Well I start by looking for goods that fit my likes and taste! Then I search these brands out and see where they are making their products. Some brands source their stuff here in the US so there are items I can get from lots of companies that are made here. Very few companies are making everything in the US. The challenges with this is the fact that it is few and far between. Pricing can be an issue as well, since it is harder for companies to make their products here.

To what degree do you feel consumers value goods made in America? Have you seen a change in these sentiments recently?
I think people are really stoked on the fact they can go out and buy products that are made here in the US. I see it every day. I think it is starting to hit at home. People are realizing that we have given so much away, at what cost? With the rising costs of manufacturing in China why not just bring the production back home! I just saw a special on tv about this as well as on the tv show The View. So I do feel it is starting to resonate with people out there!

What role do you feel retailers can play in keeping apparel production in the United States-or for that matter in aiding its return to the States?
I think retailers have all the say so in the world. If they demand this and the companies listen, then we can get things back on track. It’s not an easy road. We talk about the economy everyday in our day to day world. Every issue you guys put out speaks to the economy and how it affects shops! If we all do our part and try and spend our money here on USA made goods we can create jobs and stability in the economy. This both helps the consumer, shops, and the manufacturers.

You just hosted your grand opening in Long Beach at the start of April. How did things go? Are there any comments regarding American-made products that stood out in your mind?
Grand Opening was great! Our good friend Chuck Ragan came out and played some music. The turn out was great! The response was amazing! The general comment from people is how stoked they are to see someone trying to do something!

Anything else you would like to share?
We can all contribute! We can do this! If each person spends $10 a day buying things made in the USA you are creating more and more jobs. If things go too much further it will be too late. Let’s do what we can while we still can! Check out our site and