Donate Product to Skatepark of Tampa’s Spring Roll

Dear Friends of Skatepark of Tampa:

We are proud to announce that we’re hosting the Spring Roll All Ages Contest Presented by DVS on Saturday, April 17, 2010 <> .  This is our second all ages of the year that continues the 2010 series of five total local contests.  For each event we provide prizes and trophies all the way down to 5th place in each division, along with a few product tosses and an Overall Series Winner in Sponsored Division gets a trip to one of the Damn Ams in 2010!  As always, we greatly appreciate your support and urge you to continue it by helping out with the Spring Roll.

If you have any promotional material or product that you can spare for this event, please send it on over.  We are offering banner placement on the street course for those that contribute.  The banners will be hung the entire weekend and will stay posted as long as possible, which generally means a couple of months.

Photos, videos, and results will be posted at <> immediately after the event.  The site gets between 2.5 and 3 million page views per month, with an average of 30,000 unique visitors.

Please check out the flyer <>  for more info, and if you’re in the area, just stop on by to see some ripping skating and have a hot dog, which are part of the free BBQ for all contestants.

All products can be sent to:

Skatepark of Tampa
Attn:  Barak Wiser/Spring Roll
4215 East Columbus Drive
Tampa, Florida 33605

Barak Wiser and the SPoT Crew