Dr. Tim Brown On The 11th Annual Golf Classic Invitational Supporting B4BC

The 11th annual rendition of the Tim Brown Golf Classic Invitational went down Tuesday, October 2 at the Oak Creek Golf Club in Irvine, drawing close to 150 people from across different industries together to support Boarding For Breast Cancer (B4BC). Together, with help from sponsors Oakley, Verizon, and Audi, as well as support from Volcom, Rip Curl, and New Era, this year’s invitational raised approximately $10,000 for B4Bc.

Brown founded the event more than a decade ago to help  assist programs that support our community, environment, and the health, education and fitness of our youth. We caught up with the doctor himself to find out how the partnership with this year’s beneficiary, B4BC, came about. Here’s what he had to say:

How did you select this year’s beneficiary, B4BC?

We were proud to stand up for B4BC. We choose different charities that offer help, health, and education to our community. Our only rule set in stone is our participants get to give to a cause where their money is going to have a direct impact on those the charity was created to benefit.

This year we chose B4BC because all of us have been close to someone or even close to multiple sufferers of breast cancer. At least one in eight women are affected by this terrible disease and though there have been 2.9 million survivors, the number of new cases is increasing.

This particular cause really hit home for you—can you explain why this was such an important cause to support for you personally?

Britt, our tournament coordinator invited her very close friend, Kelly Barreira, who has recently completed much of her treatment and showed up at the tourney to add her solid support. My girlfriend is one of the seemingly countless women who have gone through incredible challenges and last year went through more than 20 hours of surgery and months of radiation. It was extra special to have her with me this year to show her support and heighten the awareness with her real world experience.It’s just so brutal to see anyone or anything suffer through such a beat down and fight for their life, let alone someone you love.

What do you hope to accomplish through this tournament?

Though we don’t pretend to be an event that is going to bring in huge dollars for charities, we push to organize “a best day of golf ever” memory that will lock in a positive and powerful emotional connection towards the charity and the brands that support our efforts. So, we feel fortunate to offer a platform for a given cause that benefits the members of our community around a predictably sold out (11 years in a row) field of action sports executives and athletes from pro surfers and skaters to PGA, NFL, MLB, and NHL pros.