Dragon Releases Rob Machado’s Game Three

Dragon's Rob Machado Game Three

OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE  – (Carlsbad, CA / August 1st, 2009)- After visiting 5 of Rob’s favorite waves in game #2 and going back in time to Pipe in 2000, Dragon kicks off the third and final installment of the Rob Machado Online Experience.

Game #3 is based around Rob's E.C.O. sunglass (Environmentally Conscious Optics)- featuring the world's FIRST EVER sunglass made from renewable origins.

This game is an initiative from Rob to remind us of our impact on the environment. You are invited to surf 3 of the worlds best surf spots that are in danger of being destroyed because of human activities. Waves should never disappear! So enjoy the ride while you still can. And don't forget to visit the website of the organization that protects each of these waves. www.savethewaves.org.

Kirra- (Coolangatta, QLD, Australia)
The loss of Kirra Point has been caused by an excessive build-up of sand that has been pumped and dredged into Coolangatta Bay over the past 12 years. The result is not just the loss of the once flawless Kirra Point, but Kirra Reef as well, which was a habitat for a diverse range of marine species.

J Bay- (Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa)
Supertubes, one of the World’s best right-handers and home of an annual WCT event, is at risk of being lost forever as a developer has applied for a permit to build a 15-story building on the beach at Supertubes.

Mundaka- (Mundaka, Spain)
Mundaka suffered huge setbacks after a massive dredging project in 2003 severely compromised the quality of the break. The annual WCT was cancelled for two years in a row, after the sandbar seemed to have disappeared. 6 years later, the sandbar and wave are back but the risk of a new dredging project is still possible.

Remember, if you haven’t played Game #1 and #2, you still can! The grand prize trip to California is an accumulation of all 3 games played over 3 months. There is no time limitation to get the highest score within the 3 months.

When all 3 games are completed, 1 overall winner from each of the 5 Global regions will win an all expenses paid trip to hang out with Rob in California for 1 week.

In addition to the grand finale prize in California, the top 5 winners of each game will receive signed sunglasses by Rob Machado along with free giveaway packs filled with Dragon gear for the remaining top 10.

Congratulations to the North American Winners of Game #2

David Turner
Tim Guzman
Willhelm Nothnagel
Craig Pearlstein
Wolfram Nothnagel
Brian Shreve
Jon Moellendick
Aaron Smith
Nick Damerel
Justin Jones