Dusters California X The Doors Collab

Celebrating the birth of Southern California creative counterculture

“Music’s Over” cruiser

Commemorating the birth of the counterculture lifestyle in Southern California, Dusters California has collaborated with the band that led the way- The Doors. Dusters is introducing two new skateboards with iconic photography of lead singer Jim Morrison, paying tribute to the original ambassador of the crazy lifestyle both musicians and skaters share today.

"The Doors were born out of the streets of Venice and Los Angeles, wedded to the counterculture, embracing of art, theater, politics, self-expression and - above all - freedom. Alternative lifestyles - whether skateboarders, surfers, poets, or environmentalists - all embrace the same principles found in The Doors, their music, and their words. In the same way, we embrace the idea of partnering with a company like Dusters to help expand different lifestyles, passions, ways of thinking/living, and the tools with which to do just that. I also happen to think they're really cool," says The Doors Manager Jeff Jampol.

"We created Dusters California driven by a passion for the free-spirited, positive vibes associated with skateboarding's earliest days," says Dusters Creative Director Nano Nobrega. "The Doors' iconic imagery combined with Dusters' retro-styled boards will transport any skateboarder and music fan to a time and place that's dear to our hearts."

Pick up the new boards from www.dusterscalifornia.com and watch out for them in your local skate shop.