DVS Launches Online Consumer Electronic Skin Store

DVS has announced the launch of a new online store that provides custom DVS branded skins for more than 250 different types of electronic devices from top manufacturers including Apple, Blackberry, Boost, Cingular, Dell, Motorola, LG, and many more. Available for purchase through dvsshoeswrapstore.com, online consumers can shop for a variety of DVS skin options. Each skin is made of flexible vinyl material designed to both protect and stylize electronic equipment. Skins are specially designed to fit all types of devices—everything from phones and laptops to hand-held gaming devices.

"Gadgets like cell phones, ipods, and laptops are practically tied to people these days," says Podium Distribution VP of Marketing Tim Gavin. "Why not doll up your electronics?"

Cell phone skins and ipod skins are 10.99, laptop skins are 25.99, and gaming device skins vary from 15.99 to 39.99 depending on their size.

Web goers can visit the new online store at www.dvsshoeswrapstore.com