DVS Presents ‘Shopliftin’ Video Contest for Skate Shops

OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE –  In an attempt to uncover some of the most amazing shop talent out there, DVS presents Shopliftn’— a shop video contest of epic proportions.

Here's how it works. All DVS skate shops will receive a golden ticket to participate, but only the first 100 shops to RSVP will be eligible to compete. These 100 lucky shops will have the opportunity to produce a five-minute video segment highlighting the best skateboarding their shop team has to offer. Each team will have exactly five months to film, produce, and edit their footage. On January 31, 2009 each team will submit their footage to DVS. Each shop video will then be meticulously judged by DVS team riders on the quality of skateboarding, cinematography, editing, soundtrack, and art direction.

The shop that produces the best overall video will receive custom DVS shop shoes, a DVS demo, and an ad running in a major skateboard magazine announcing them as the winner of the Shopliftn' contest. The winning shop will also have their video featured on www.dvsskate.com <http://www.dvsskate.com>  and will have the opportunity to defend their title next year.

Log on to www.dvsskate.com/shopliftin for full contest details.

We know there's a lot of shop talent out there. Lets see it!