Dwindle Distribution Acquires Cliché Skateboards

Dwindle Distribution Acquires Cliche Skateboards

Dwindle Distribution Acquires Cliche Skateboards

Cliché skateboards recently announced it has become part of Dwindle Distribution’s family of brands , effective immediately. Dwindle, which distributes Almost, Blind, enjoi, Darkstar, Speed Demon and Tensor, is happy with  the acquisition, according to the press release. Here’s what Bod Boyle, President of Dwindle, had to say:

“Stoked! We're passionate about skateboarding, working with such a legit group of skaters supported by the creative force of
Jeremie Daclin, Al Boglio and Eric Frenay is a real motivator. Cliché has always had a strong European presence, they have consistently
put out quality video projects and carry a strong respect in the skateboarding community. We are proud of what they have
achieved and see a great opportunity for them to become a truly global brand under Dwindle's worldwide infrastructure.”

Here’s some additional reactions from the crew at Cliché:

“Can't wait to get the ball rolling with Dwindle. They've made our boards for years, the whole team swears by them and now we
get to really plug in with more to offer for Cliché while keeping an anchor in Lyon and using their far reaching set up in Europe and
around the world. I couldn't have hoped for a better transfer!
Al Boglio. Brand Manager.

Cliché has sprouted wings,time to fuckin' fly boys!
Andrew Brophy

Now that Cliché is under Dwindle, its messing with the best wood on the market and one of the best distribution worldwide ran by ex-pro skaters that have real skate knowledge to push skateboard manufacturing forward. Cliché can now reach its full potential by being available everywhere in the world. It's kind of special to me too cuz it's under Dwindle that I started my professional career almost 10 years ago. I'm happy to be back under their wing.
JB Gillet

Keeping and powering the good energy that Cliché got us hyped on the very beginning!
Ricardo Fonseca

At last the American dream becomes a cliché !
Lucas Puig

A natural step in cliché´s evolution. Next stage!
Javier Mendizabal

I'm so hyped on the new gig!!! I don't have to take the bumpy bus ride to pick up my package. Hopefully they'll give me my first
office with a mini bar, and no work to do.
Joey Brezinski

Over the past 10 years, many exciting chapters were written, today a new book with more pages with a bigger format is to be written.
I can't wait to get started working with the Dwindle crew and the doors they can open for Cliché around the world.
Jeremie Daclin. Founder.”