Echelon Snowboards Innovates & Sponsors Riders

picture-225Progressive snowboarding company Echelon Snowboards consists of Don Engel and a MIT engineer to create higher quality snowboards. The company is releasing some of its 2012-13 boards at the start of winter with the rest following the January 2012 SnowSports Industries America Snow Show.

Locally, the Big Black Lake company sponsors riders Don “Donk” Antrobus and Evan Heckman. Team managers Mike Phillips and Rich Azevedo are looking for more riders to join.

The company is also developing a new binding design, but is currently quiet on the project.

Besides innovative designs and sponsoring riders, it also offers a Boards for Soldiers program, which offers 50 percent product discounts and free shipping to active-duty military personnel from the U.S. and many of its allies.