EcoGroomer X Volvo Work To “Green” The Slopes

EcoGroomer has announced Volvo as its exclusive engine provider.

Colorado-based resort services company EcoGroomer, Inc. has announced that it has chosen Volvo as the exclusive engine supplier for its innovative new snow grooming technologies. The decision to partner with Volvo comes after months  of evaluating several engine designs from companies including Caterpillar and Cummins.

“The engine is a critically important component of our new machines and we took our time to make the right decision on this. We chose the Volvo engine design due to several factors; fuel efficiency, power to weight ratio, Volvo’s great reputation for reliability and quality as well as the fact that the new engines will meet the highest Tier 4 emissions standards right out of the box, without costly and time consuming retro-fits and/or modifications that other snow cat manufacturers are currently grappling with,” stated EcoGroomer founder and CEO Daniel Osborne.

Read on for more info about the EcoGroomer – Volvo partnership:

(Denver, CO -) In their final proposal to EcoGroomer, Bob Apple, Vice President for Volvo America stated “we will provide a demo engine to be used for prototyping and validation of the package” as well as significant engineering support for this product. Bob went on to say “we look forward to supporting you on this exciting project, and believe that we will meet your needs successfully”.

The announcement comes just 3 months after the company announced plans to manufacture the first 60 units for delivery to resorts in the Rocky Mountain region in the coming year due to tremendous market demand. The product has been in development just over a year since conception and while it has undergone several design modifications during that time, the one thing that has not changed is the overwhelming interest by the resort operators and snow sports enthusiasts who want to see this innovation brought to market as soon as possible.

About EcoGroomer:

¬†The EcoGroomer is a bold and much needed solution to a clear and present need in the ski industry to reduce the high costs associated with nightly snow grooming. Rapidly rising fuel prices and the negative effects of lift tickets now surpassing $100 per day at many resorts make a solution to this problem most urgent. This technology provides a tremendous productivity improvement in the specialized field of snow grooming by adding two additional Snow Processing Units (SPU’s) to a standard snow cat (CAD illustration attached) resulting in a 200% increase of surface area coverage by a single operator. Overall fuel efficiency will be improved by more than 35% and total grooming expense will be reduced by millions of dollars per year at major resorts with this new technology. The innovation has the potential to save over 20 million gallons of diesel by 2020 and will significantly reduce operating costs for the resorts.