Element Eden Announces Re-Launch of Site; Introduces Artist Pepa Prieto

Artist Pepa Prieto for Element Eden.OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE – Irvine, CA –June 10, 2008 – Element Eden proudly announces the re-launch of elementeden.com. Coinciding with our Fall 2008 Collection's release in stores, the revamped site includes a new clothing catalog, style-guide, contests, images, videos, and more.

Element is also proud to highlight our newest Element Eden Advocate, Pepa Prieto. Hailing from Granada, Spain and currently residing in Madrid, Pepa is a fine artist who incorporates her capricious characters into traditional mediums like acrylic on canvas, as well as installations, clothing, and most recently (and excitingly) for two of Europe's MTV-Vueling A320s jumbo jets. Now cloaked in Pepa's distinctively eccentric artwork, this vibrant flying machine will be will be painting the skies with color and welcoming passengers and VIP guests for Vueling's various customized flights. Check out her world at elementeden.com and look for her show with Element at Bread and Butter in Barcelona, Spain, July 3rd.

Since its inception, the Element Eden Advocate Program aspires to inspire by presenting a broader and more realistic definition of what it means to be a girl in the world today. "I accepted the advocacy for Element Eden because I think it's a project that gives a very good perspective on artistic things," says Pepa. "It's a good combination of artistic and commercial working together, and I also really liked the work of the other advocates."

The rest of the Element Eden Advocate "team" includes craftswoman Beck Hickey, filmmaker and philanthropist Kendra Jones Morris, Australian personality Asha Kuerten, poet and musician Ishle Park, and artists Brooke Reidt, Amber B, and Tiffany Bozic.

To find out more about the Element Eden Advocate Program and the 2008 Fall Collection, visit www.elementeden.com.

About Element Skateboards: In 1992, the Element seed was planted. Our goal was simple, to be the best we could be in the most honest and ethical way possible. Today, we're as dedicated as ever to bringing progress to the world of skateboarding through the continuing creation of art, direction, and communication. We're more than a business—we're a family, all on the same journey for growth within ourselves, Element, and the world around us.