ESF Determines Female Surfers in the UK Are Set to Receive Equal Pay in 2016


English Surfing Federation (ESF) makes moves to equal the pay for men’s and women’s events

It may not be common knowledge that female surfers make about half the pay that their male counterparts make, for participating in the same events. In a meeting Saturday the ESF Committee met and agreed on the gender-equal prize purse plan for the 2016 English National Surfing Champs. Last year the men earned  £1,000, while women took in £500 for a win. Next year's total will be equal.

The English National Surfing Championships will be held in Cornwall, in April and May of next year.

Typically, women on the tour circuit make about half of what their male counterparts bring home. Last year, women's events earned $265,500 in prize money, while male events awarded $525,000 in prize money.

The gender-pay gap is significant, but surfers of both sexes struggle to make ends meet. Only the top sponsored athletes make any sort of real income, and many would-be-pro surfers have to supplement their incomes with seasonal jobs throughout the year, just to get by. According to the Western Morning News, the UK’s number one pro surfer Lucy Campbell, 20,  has to work at a local bar to supplement her income.