Event Changes From Park City Mountain Resort

OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE – The World Superpipe Championships enjoyed six glorious years of fierce competition, but now it's time for change. Park City Mountain Resort is taking the next step in competition evolution.

So, what is Competition Evolution?

The Intelligent Design (n.) –

1.     a competition with a progressive approach to terrain park design

2.     changes of the molecular elements in terrain park structure

3.     a smart snowboarding course

The Intelligent Design at Park City Mountain Resort will combine all elements of competitive snowboarding including big air, half-pipe and jibbing in one course. The event will be located at the Eagle Superpipe, which will be transformed to host the new competition creation.

The Intelligent Design will take place on March 7, 2009, and will feature the top 20 male snowboarders in the world and $50K in prize money. Snowboarders will battle it out in a two-run qualifier in order to compete with the top 10 in a best of three-run final. The Intelligent Design is a Swatch TTR 5 Star event.