Familypark Hintertux: New Park for Freestyle Progression

Austria’s Hintertux is stoked to announce a new park for the 12/13 season at the Sommerberg lift called “Familypark Hintertux.” The park, designed by Wille Kaufmann, is ideal for freestyle rookies looking to develop their skills quickly. There will be three lines available, “fun line,” “rookie line,” and “kicker line.” The Family Park in Hintertux is open from December to April depending on conditions.

Read on for more from Hintertux:

Located on the Sommerberg at 2,100 m above sea level, the Familypark Hintertux provides a gentle introduction to the freestyle scene and it is a great place to test snowboarding or freeskiing for the forst time. The Snowpark is tailored to cater for the needs of rookies, families and ski schools, but there is also a practice area suitable for more advanced riders. The diverse parkland terrain thus guarantees perfect conditions to improve both tricks and timing!

The Familypark Hintertux is open from December to April. During this period it covers for the Betterpark Hintertux, which is open from April to December with only a short break from the end of July to the beginning/mid September, enabling all year round freestlye fun at the Hintertux Glacier.