Ian Walsh’s Menehune Mayhem Recap & Photos

Big wave surfer Ian Walsh’s seventh annual Menehune Mayhem just wrapped up another successful round of firing up Maui’s up and coming surfers. While this may not be too hard of a task in a place like Maui, it’s always good to see surfers and companies giving back to the community and inspiring kids to get more involved in the sport.

Here’s the release and some photos from Fox:

The Seventh Annual Ian Walsh's Menehune Mayhem scored contestable 4-to 8-foot wave face heights at Hookipa Beach Park. This was the seventh anniversary for this surf contest where kids compete for free. Pro surfer Ian Walsh, 26, learned to ride waves at Hookipa Beach Park and this event is a way to repay his home break and the Maui surf community.

"I'm just happy to give back to the place that's given me everything I have," says Walsh who makes a living chasing and charging big waves around the world.

"I just wanted to have something that the kids could do that I would have wanted when I was their age. That's what's so special for me– making everything the way I would have wanted it when I was 12 years old. I'm really particular of how everything is put together. I make sure every kid gets as much prizes as they can."

All the young surfers left Hookipa with a smile and free merchandise from Fox and Da Kine with plenty of Red Bull. More importantly, the kids at the Seventh Annual Ian Walsh's Menehune Mayhem were inspired to elevate their competitive surfing skills. According to Friend Of Red Bull (FORB) Kai "Borg" Garcia, this event is special for the local community and encourages philanthropy to the youth.

"It gives back to the community," says Garcia. "A lot of people don't' give back and to see guys like Ian and the Irons brothers make it, be successful and then give back to the kids is just inspires the kids to do better and achieve like they did."

Garcia and Walsh were both impressed by the performance of Imaikalani Devault, 12, who won the highly competitive Boys 12-13 divison.

"Right now, Imaikalani Devault by far is ahead of his time," praised Garcia.

"Today I was blown away by Imaikalani Devault. I've watched that kid since he was knee-high and to see how far he has gone is phenomenal. That kid is leagues ahead of where my generation was at 16, and he's 12 years old so it's pretty impressive. The future is in good hands."

Full contest results and more at www.foxhead.com/us/surf