Figgy Finds 2012 Skate Exposure-Meter First In Final Hour

Figgy Finds First in the Final Hour!


Well, the calendar year is complete, and it's time to crown a winner. This year, it's Baker's own Justin "Figgy" Figueroa in first place. Figgy had the benefit of a late breaking cover and contents in Thrasher, as well as a crap load of advertising support from his many high-profile sponsors—Emerica, Baker, Shake Junt, Altamont, Active, and more.

Leo Romero was bumped back to 2nd place, and David Gonzalez, Grant Taylor, Trevor Colden, Andrew Reynolds, Nyjah Huston, Brandon Westgate, Corey Duffel, and Collin Provost round out the top ten. That's a pretty good year for Emerica—five of the top-ten are on their team. It's also interesting to note that the list contains three former Skaters of the Year, and three of this years' top contenders (Figgy, Nyjah, and David Gonzalez).

On the edit front, former SOTY Leo Romero maintained his position, and got the most editorial coverage in 2012, but to anyone who saw the December Thrasher, it comes as no surprise that Justin Figueroa came close to ousting him. Figgy ended up at 2nd for the year, while Nyjah Huston and David Gonzalez are both neck and neck a few thousand points back


December was Figgy's month, for sure. In addition to all his edit, he came through with enough points ad points to bring him up to 3rd. As well, Lizard leapt over the former frontman Andrew Reynolds to take first, but with the top three being all Baker Boys, I don't think The Boss is gonna mind.


To nobody's surprise, Independent came out on top. They are indeed skateboarding's most prominent logo. The usual suspects—Nike, Vans, Spitfire, Volcom, Bones, DC, and adidas—all placed incredibly high, as well. New brands would do well to look at the strategies these companies use, and maybe even look to see what all these logos have in common.


On the other side of the lens, Thrasher's Michael Burnett kept a commanding lead throughout most of the year, and with a glut of photos from the Baker team, including a Figgy cover and interview, he managed to widen the gap even more.