Firewire Goes Into Overdrive: Flexfire Direct Drive 2.0 Series

OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE – Firewire has firmly established the PARABOLIC balsa rail and EPS sandwich construction as one of the most hi-performance surfboards in the world. In keeping with our commitment to R&D we were determined to exceed that boundary.

Developed in partnership with SSS (Surfboard Suspension Systems), Direct Drive 2.0 combines the best attributes of Future Shapes Technology and takes it a step further with the introduction of SSS's patented EXO-CARBON developed specifically for and with FIREWIRE. The EXO-CARBON skeletal structure is an internal frame, engineered around and inside FIREWIRE'S blank.
Taj Burrow on a Direct Drive 2.0 at Bells Beach. Photo Courtesy of Firewire
One of the most important performance features of Firewire's PARABOLIC balsa technology is that the densest part of the board is on the rail, enhancing deep carving turns.

Direct Drive 2.0 incorporates a hi-density rail foam with the new carbon EXO-CARBON Perimeter Rods suspended and interconnected inside the rail, including a 'TORQUE TRANSFER' system connected directly to the base of the fins. Together with Future Fins new BLACK STICK carbon fins the rider experiences "Tip to Toe" carbon control, from the fin tip to the rider's toes.

Unlike simple carbon rail laps that serve a purely cosmetic purpose, the Direct Drive 2.0 carbon rail is all about EXO-CARBON performance.

The EXO-CARBON rods are calibrated in thickness and placement to create a carbon exo-skeleton which controls the rate and degree of flex and the flex memory, taking advantage of the hi frequency resonance inherent in carbon structural components. Connected through a series of hi density connecting nodes, the end result is an incredibly lively carbon structure surfboard, tuned for performance.

So whether you prefer the organic balsa PARABOLIC experience of Future Shapes Technology or the all-composite technology of Direct Drive 2.0, Firewire continues to define the 'Future of Shape'