Flow Snowboards: 2013/14 Snowboard Preview

Men’s Blackout $549 & Men’s Maverick $649

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Questions answered by Snowboard Project Manager Eric Luthardt

What are the biggest forces shaping the changes and developments you've made to your boards?
With the success of our ABT technology, we are expanding this technology into more boards with new ABT shapes.  Our Pop-Cam camber is one of our hybrid spins on rocker/camber as well as making our Maverick board totally tits.

Eric Luthardt

To what degree are you emphasizing camber shape and core profiles in your lineup?
We love camber & rocker, we have some sort of camber/hybrid shape for over 70% of our boards. Core profiling & materials have always been a cornerstone of Flow, we preach pop, performance & durability. We have to profile our cores a little different to compensate for our Whiskey Technology that increase pop & strength.

Are you cooking up any new materials or construction techniques?
We introduced our ABT construction last year and we will continue to expand this technology.  ABT makes for a smoother and more forgiving ride that translates into a better experience in any condition.  We incorporate silicone "Implants" into the base of the ABT boards that is a dampening technique, visually stimulating as well as rider proven by Olympic athlete Scotty Lago.  Flow also uses many different configurations of Kevlar and some top-secret materials to lighten our boards and give them life.

What themes are you seeing for graphics?
Everything from fun & loud to clean & classic. We put a lot of time into the execution of the graphic with different textures, layers & looks.