Flux Bindings Releases Last Episode of ReNamed

Flux Bindings releases the last episode of their ReNamed series- Japan Last Resorts.

“In between and around filming for the Flux ReNamed Japan Mini Movie, the trio of riders Ian Sams, Shaun Murphy, Tyler Lynch and their new Japanese friends hit up several resorts including Happo-One, Tsugaike, Iwatake and Kashimayari to just have fun ripping around the various parks and riding with the locals. Let the chill vibes roll in this final episode of Flux ReNamed – Japan Last Resorts.”

As a sport defined by constant progression, snowboard videos often showcase riders airing higher than chairlifts off of jumps taller than buildings. Watching these feats is remarkable and often jaw dropping–but the thought of actually attempting these stunts usually scares the average rider silly.

The fun of watching Flux Renamed- Japan Last Resorts comes as the riders rip around Japan, performing rad tricks on relatively accessible features. While Sam, Murphy, and Lynch’s style and insane tricks are definitely on another level, it’s inspiring to watch these guys carve, air, and generally shred such widely approachable features.


While typical snowboard videos leave us in straight awe, the Flux Bindings ReNamed- Japan Last Resorts video makes us want to get to the mountains right this second and try their maneuvers. Sam, Murphy, and Lynch do an awesome job at showcasing everything we love about snowboarding, in the most stylish way possible. Their undeniable style makes the rad look easy; their chill attitudes remind us just how much fun it is out there.



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