FMF Boosts Brand Power with Energy Drink

FMF Racing – a brand that has been a staple in the world of Motocross Racing since 1973 – has expanded its horizon beyond exhaust pipes.

After keeping it on the DL for the past six months, FMF Racing can now spread the word loud and clear that they have launched their very own energy drink – FMF Power.

FMF Power

FMF is pioneering the healthy energy drink movement through its all-natural performance beverage packed with lots of good ingredients like antioxidants, green tea, electrolytes and many other nutrients riders and athletes need to perform to the fullest.

Along with the health appeal, the drink also ventures outside the box of typical energy drink design with a 16oz twist-cap bottle, allowing for athletes to open and close the drink at their convenience or store the beverage and finish it later after opening. It comes in two flavors – Citrus Lemonade and Fruit Punch.

With hopes of expanding marketing opportunities the FMF brand is thrilled at the explosion the product has made onto the scene already in such a short time since its official release.

Director of Marketing, Donny Emler says, " We have been a part of this industry for over 38 years. This new product will allow for us to become more creative with our marketing. Our brand is always evolving and this seemed like a good next step for us."

The brand's news of the energy drink has been meeting some opposition from competing brands and sponsors. Emler commented, " We knew this was coming, and we are prepared for it. The good thing is that we're being recognized as competition, so that must mean we're doing something right."

They are definitely doing something right. Despite any negativity that they are seeing from competition, FMF is seeing twice as much positive feedback and excitement about the new product. After only being out for a week they are already getting inquiries from international consumers asking when the product will be available in their countries, and fan numbers on Facebook and hits on news postings online have been through the roof.

Also currently in the process of expanding into apparel through a recent licensing deal with The La Jolla Group, FMF has a lot on their plate and they are excited about what the future has in store for the brand. "We've put so much into the sport of motocross," says Emler, " This is just another way to expand our passion around the sport. At the end of the day it's all going back to the sport."

He jokes, "We figured we'd get the brand expansion in before the end of the world, but the world didn't end last week, so now it looks like we're stuck with an energy drink!"