FMF Racing Launches Power Drink

FMF Racing officially launched their new FMF Power Beverage today, FMF POWER. The beverage is all natural, complete with healthy nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants to help fuel extreme athletes.


From the Release:

Formulated in conjunction with new age beverage wunderkind, Lance Collins, founder of Fuze Beverages and NOS High Performance Energy Drink, FMF POWER was formulated with a proprietary PowerBlend™ which consists of Natural Caffeine, Panax Ginseng, Green Tea and Yerba Mate extracts. FMF POWER's benefits stem from its four pillars – Hydration, Recovery, Performance and Energy. Each pillar is uniquely designed to help deliver the elements every rider needs to reach the top of the podium. Performance and Energy rely on key vitamins and natural metabolic stimulants to help on the track, while Hydration and Recovery fortify the body with organic electrolytes and immunity supplements after you've given it your all.

No stranger to the motorsports market, Collins has a proven track record in the racing community, "With NOS we hit a vital nerve in the automotive community; I believe we again have such an advantage featuring a timeless brand like FMF. FMF has always been surrounded by world-class athletes, so this is a real opportunity to bring a real performance product to a category oversaturated by brands surviving solely on show over go," said Collins.

FMF Racing owner and founder Don Emler has built legacy of speed and performance in motorcycle racing that dates back nearly forty years and involves supporting teams, athletes and the top racing sanctions around the country. As such, the FMF brand is deeply and authentically embedded in the motocross culture, which has become a marketing battleground for energy drinks. "We got into building performance parts because we love to ride and race motorcycles. Maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle is key to racers and action sports athletes, so we felt strongly about bringing FMF POWER to market as an all-natural energy alternative that can enhance a rider's performance out on the track. Developing FMF POWER is just another opportunity for us to give back to the sport we love," said Emler.

FMF POWER is available at select stores in the Los Angeles area and will be rapidly rolling out in key markets, nationwide, in the coming weeks. Packaged in proprietary, resealable 16 Oz. Alumi-Tek bottles, FMF Power Beverages will come in two distinct flavors, Citrus Lemonade and Fruit Punch. You can grab your own bottle of FMF POWER at your local convenience, drug and grocery retailers for a suggested retail price of $2.49. To learn more, load