Freebord: Skate Like A Snowboarder

Freeboard wanted to make snowboarding happen all year, wherever and whenever they wanted.

And so, we designed a board that gave riders the control of a snowboard on pavement. As Freebord has evolved, so has our goal: bring as much control as possible to riding on pavement. Our riders can carve, slide, slow down and stop whenever they want. They can go as fast or as slow as they want. They can bomb the steepest of streets or ride mellow cruisers; hit big open roads or the narrowest of sidewalks. On a Freebord, riders have the control they need to ride what they want and how they want.

This edit features some of the fastest and hardest riding Freeboard has caught on video. Check it out to see their pro riders shred the biggest hills and hit the biggest gaps from their summer 2012 Team Trip.