Frends Launches Headphone Line

frends headphones

The rumors of Frends being more than just friends have proved true as the crew is expanding its brand presence with its first product line: headphones. The Frends, which have been getting insane media exposure during the run up to the Olympics, will be debuting a line of six head speakers for Spring 2010.

Here are the details:

Our products are inspired, designed, engineered, field-tested and built to meet the same parameters we have for each other. Just like our friends, we want our gear to be strong, reliable, original, fun, dependable, and interesting. Frends has taken the time to build our gear from the ground up using our crew as the inspiration.  For us attention to detail isn't just a slogan we saw on one of those inspiration posters with a bald eagle carrying a baby goat in its talons into the sunset—we actually mean it.

We are proud to introduce our initial Frends headphone collection. Consisting of 6 styles, ranging from ear buds to over ear models, in a wide variety of colors. The suggested retail prices ranges from $33.00 – $88.00.  Frends headphones will be available Spring 2010.  For more information, go to the Frends website at