Future Fins Nominated for ‘Accessory Product’ of the year

picture-2.pngPRESS RELEASE: The Dave Rastovich/Sea Shepherd Vector Keel fin, which is a classic template brought back and modernized with Futures high tech Vector foil and space aged RTM material, has been nominated as product of the year.

Future Fins set the standard in collaboration between athlete (RASTA) and company to fight together for a noble cause and for all ocean enthusiasts.

Future Fins recognizes that the ocean and all of its inhabitants need to be protected and that surfers should be the most evolved people when it comes to their ocean.

As a surfer, Dave Rastovich knows the importance of the ocean and all its inhabitants. Knowing this, Rasta is donating 100% of his signature Vector Rasta Keel royalties to the Sea Shepard Conservation Society and Future Fins is matching it.

Future Fins won the category in 07 with the VECTOR TECH FOILS" that are now a standard in surfboard manufacturing.