Game Changers: anon’s New Magnetic M1 Goggle

After two years of development, anon is rolling out its M1 Goggle, which takes the speed lens-change arms race to a whole new level. "It features a new technology we've developed called Magna-Tech," explains RED/anon Brand Manager Randy Torcom. "Magna-Tech is the fastest and most advanced solution to swapping lens tints on the fly. Magnets are constructed in the frame and lens which make the engagement/disengagement process simple enough to swap lenses without even taking the goggle frame off your face. No matter what conditions the mountain throws at you, the M1 will have you covered." The anon team is in the process of filing for a patent on Magna-Tech and will debut the goggle—which will retail for $219.95 for the premium style and $199 for the painted style and include two lenses for different light conditions—at SIA.

Check the photos of how it works…