Garrett McNamara To Be Featured On NBC’s Dateline

Garrett McNamara, ocean explorer and Guinness World Record holder will be featured in a segment on NBC’s ‘Dateline’ Sunday, July 22 starting at 7pm ET.

The segment will feature rare footage of in-depth interviews with McNamara and girlfriend, Nicole Macias, who speak the truth about the legendary day he caught the record breaking 78-foot wave. “I knew if I made any mistakes it could be my last,” said McNamara describing his thoughts of being towed into the monstrous wave.

McNamara provides details into the evolution of tow surfing as well as his routine to mentally and physically prepare for catching big waves. This one was no different, where he began to hyperventilate to oxygenate his blood and then calm himself down to bring his heart rate down. He alludes to how his positive energy and positive thoughts throughout the ride helped him come out on the end.

After surfacing from the wave, McNamara said he didn’t get the rush that he wanted. He wanted his partner to tow him deeper into the next wave. “A lot of people think I’m crazy. I think everyone is comfortable in different situations. I’m very comfortable in the ocean. I feel like I belong there and know what I’m doing and have a plan of what I’m doing when it’s big,” said McNamara.

Macias is also featured catching a big wave in the same spot McNamara caught his world record wave. She explains her hesitation to let go of the tow-line, which causes her to wipeout and be thrown like a rag-doll on the top of the ocean wall. McNamara and Macias describe the rescue needed to ensure Macias’ safety to shore.

McNamara is still hungry for more and alludes to how he has found another spot with even larger waves that he will be riding soon.