Gigi Rüf Sweeps February Snow Exposure-Meter, Shaun White Slays Social


Gigi Rüf. Photo: Courtesy Nike

Scroll through the gallery for all of this month's print and social Skate Exposure-Meter standings, as well as overall social stats across all sports with the Hookit Athlete Index:

January-February 2013 Totals:


March Madness: Gigi Rüf Sweeps This Month's Meter

Gigi Rüf is a big fan of first place. The legend has once again swept the Ad meter and stolen the overall spotlight, and is now adding 'Edit Meter Champ' to his list of achievements. Bode Merrill stays strong in second place, with Dan Brisse breathing down his neck after a two-spot hop. Gigi and Bode keep consistent throughout this month's madness, holding down first and second in both the Edit and the Ad meters. Switching it up to the battle behind the camera, the war is currently dormant, as February's top four stay put in their respective seats, Oli Gagnon still in the lead. Burton maintains their spot atop the throne in Logo Land, with Volcom and Oakley rounding out the top three. Shout out to Scott Stevens, who took off in 26th place and landed in 13th, a Mover of the Month-worthy progression.


Feature Focus: Gigi Rüf

Thanks to a solid showing amongst the pages of Snowboarder, Gig Rüf is sitting pretty at the top of the Edit Meter. Bode Merrill once again takes a back seat to Rüf, though he stays a few turns ahead of Mikkel Bang, who maintains his spot on the third rung of the podium. Fourth place goes to Jed Anderson, followed closely by Dan Brisse, who went ahead and upgraded last month's eleventh place finish to fifth this time around.  Austen Sweetin takes a step ahead of Nicolas Muller, swapping eighth place for sixth, and relegating Muller back into seventh. Next up: Helen Schettini, whose eighth place position precedes Terje Haakonsen and Eero Ettala's respective ninth and tenth place finishes.


Product Pushers: Rüf FTW

Moving into the world of advertising, Gigi Rüf has once again manhandled the competition and earned himself the throne. Rüf can admire his trophy through his Dragon lenses, which have no doubt played a huge role in earning him the win. Bode Merrill comes in second again this month, breaking last month's tie with Austen Sweetin and instead sharing the silver with Jake Blauvelt. Merrill is coming in hot with LRG and Salomon behind him, while Blauvelt, Oakley, and Anon are proving to be quite the trifecta.  Brisse— partnering with Dye— steps into fourth, pushing Sweetin with his plethora of Special Blend and Zeal ads back into fifth. Danny Davis slashes his way from 15th into sixth, while Scott Stevens mirrors his move and trades 14th for eighth. Rounding out the bunch are Chas Guldemond and Torstein Horgmo, who hold down their ninth and tenth place positions, respectively.


Gagnon Keeps His Eye On The Prize

Lights, camera: Gagnon. It's about time we roll out the red carpet for Oli Gagnon, because the man refuses to relinquish his crown. Andy Wright keeps the kill shots coming to hold tight to silver, while E-stone maintains third, with a sweet Snowboarder cover to back him up. Mike Yoshida has also stayed put this month, with a not-so-shabby fourth place. With a 9-page spread in Snowboarder, Ryan 'Huggy' Hughes makes moves into fifth, forcing Mr. Frode Sandbech to take a step back into ninth. Phil Tifo takes seventh and Colin Adair takes eighth, both photogs upgrading their stations by five spots since last month's round of mags. Finishing off the top ten are Sandbech and Ashley Barker, each losing a bit of ground, but managing to hold their own in a sea of epic shots.



With yet another month atop the Exposure-Meter, Burton has got to be feeling pretty good right now. In fact, brands across the boards seem content to maintain their respective seats in the race for face time. Volcom, Oakley, Monster, DC, Forum, and ThirtyTwo have stayed solid in their second through seventh place positions. Stirring the pot just a touch, Electric and Ride have swapped spots, with Ride taking eighth place and the slight upper hand. Ride and Red Bull are now sharing the ninth place seat, wrapping up the top ten brands that have earned themselves serious hype this month.


All Sports


Blanchard Goes Big, Shaun White Wilts


Ryan Sheckler had a huge month online, racking up over 532k interactions in February, enough to move him into third for the year. But the month's biggest mover goes to Alana Blanchard, who racked up the month's highest tally across all sports and moved into 6th for the year. P-Rod and Nyjah also scored big, both logging 438k, and all four athletes moved past last month's bronze-finisher, Shaun White, bumping him back to 7th for the year. John John and Sean Malto were also bumped out of the standings through February but we're pretty sure we haven't seen the last of them.


The Shaun White Show


Despite having a slow month compared to athletes in other sports, Shaun White nearly doubled February's 2nd place social media master, Travis Rice, logging over 202k for the month and pushing his lead over the year's 2nd place rider, Torstein Horgmo, to over 610k – more than double what Horgmo has logged for the year. I think we might be able to declare a winner for '13 and we're only 1/6th of the way there. That said, the battle for 2nd is looking interesting with Horgmo, McMorris and Rice all within 12k of each other.


The rest of the top ten stayed pretty static other than Terje climbing one to 8th and Eero Ettala joining the leader board in 9th and bumping Seb Toutant back into 11th.