GoPro partners with Google on 360-degree virtual reality camera

gopro partners with google on 360-degree virtual reality camera

GoPro’s latest creation in collaboration with Google’s new virtual reality platform, Jump.

GoPro partners with Google on 360-degree virtual reality camera

Google announced Thursday at it’s annual I/O developers conference that it will be rolling out a new 16-camera rig that captures 360-degree footage, built by POV camera company GoPro. The technology is meant to build on Google’s continued virtual and augmented reality efforts, which include Google Cardboard. We got a firsthand explanation at Surf Summit earlier this month on ways Cardboard can be applied to enhance ecommerce and in-store experiences, thanks to an interesting presentation by Mike Yapp, of YouTube/Google ZOO. Google Cardboard just received some updates, which is a nice segue into a device necessary for capturing virtual reality video: Google and GoPro’s the Array, a super-camera that stitches together video from 16 different cameras into one file. The rendering technology was built by Google, and allows the 3-D videos to live on YouTube—a first for the site. All this is part of Google’s new platform, which they are calling ‘Jump,’ which encapsulates a set of tools for capturing and sharing virtual reality content.

For more ideas around virtual reality and how it can be applied to our businesses, check out our recap on Mike Yapp’s talk at Surf Summit. Recode and CNN Money also have more details on GoPro’s latest technology in tandem with Google.


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