Gravis Partners With 15 Specialty Retailers On Custom Footbed

Gravis is supporting fifteen of its specialty core retailers by creating a custom made, team-inspired footbed, that will only be sold as part of the exclusive partnership. The Cloud-9 footbeds, which are thicker than normal footbeds in Gravis shoes, will be customized specifically to each shop, using the individual retailer’s logo alongside the brand’s logo and colors.
Our inspiration for the footbeds was to support Gravis’ elite retailers and to stoke-out kids in the neighborhoods around those shops, who are going-off on a daily basis. The retailers are encouraged to use these as a Gravis gift with purchase or as a hook up for their best customers.

Each of the 15 retailers will receive a package with custom-made Gravis Cloud 9 footbeds.
So get over to your local shop and ask for yours now!

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