Greenlight Surfboard Supply Unleashes Endless Surfboard Potential


OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE:  The unique combination of hand shaped bamboo fins installed into ProBox Fin boxes provides personal fin design freedom and dynamic adjustability to dial in a surfboard's performance potential.

Greenlight makes it quick, easy & affordable for surfers to make their own bamboo fins to fit ProBox Fin Systems by offering eco-friendly bamboo fin panels and comprehensive instruction on how to create any fin style. Bamboo fins are strong, light, and easily shaped with standard tools sitting in most people's toolbox. To add value, Greenlight has optimized the bamboo panel area to yield at least 6 fins of any style (thrusters, quads, twins, keels, bonzer, etc) to experiment with different designs. The ProBox design allows the Greenlight bamboo fin position to be adjusted forward, backward, and at various cant angles. These adjustments allow the performance of a surfboard to be tuned to the conditions, type of surfboard, or rider.

Now, with Greenlight bamboo fin panels and some basic hand tools, all surfers have the option to create a quiver of various fin designs to unleash the hidden performance of a single surfboard. Swap out three thruster fins with a twin fin setup, for example, and experience a new sense of glide. Move those same fins forward with the ProBox's built-in adjustability to experience the magic combination that will allow one to surf optimally.

Greenlight Surfboard Supply leads the growing movement toward manufacturing and supplying surfboard building materials that are sustainable and which have the least impact on our delicate ecosystems. Greenlight's manufacturing processes and business practices are based on a commitment to maintain a healthy environment. Their "Minimal Waste Philosophy" extends from utilizing sustainable resources in their surfboards (bamboo and corn) to their "Shipping Emissions Offset Program" (reduce carbon footprint). Visit the site HERE .

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