Grenade: 2011/12 Outerwear Preview

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Outfit 1: Army Corps Blast Off Jacket in Blue, REG Pant in Grey. Outfit 2: Army Corps Predator Jacket in Heated, Army Corps Pant in Red.

Retailer contact info: 503-235-5606

Joseph Condorelli, CEO:

What are the three biggest trends you see shaping the market and what you are doing to meet them?

Consumers continue to push the price/value comparison online and in store. There’s a smaller assortment in specialty retail due to conservative buying and the economy. More technology is being integrated into apparel products.

What are the biggest changes in the outerwear market you’re seeing for this winter on the business front?

Polarized price points if retailers are not careful with how they buy. Brands are huddling to the low end to drive volume (<$150) and compete in the OPP non private label space and at the high end to preserve high price points ($300+) with some trendy technology or material. Without care, there’s not enough gear on the shelf for the regular guy who has $200 to spend on a jacket.

What fabrics, colors, and technologies are you focusing on for next season?

Grenade continues to design gear that looks good, fits right and everyone can afford. Our outerwear has a NASA and outer space theme for the season with all sorts of colors and prints.

What are pricepoints doing?

Decreasing and consolidating at the entry and mid levels. We’re able to offer better looking and more functional jackets for less money.

How have you responded to the current market and the decrease in prebooks?

Grenade’s prebooks increased year over year and we have a small stock position for AO orders.

What’s in your crystal ball for 2010/11?

Retail is changing rapidly all over the world. There will continue to be consolidation, unstable stores will close and middle-men will continue to get cut out. Nothing is new there, it just seems to be happening at a faster pace. Service and store environment are key differentiators between retailers.
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