Grenade Launches Moto Line

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Grenade Gloves recently announced that it is building on its past forray in the moto world, a collab with Metal Mulisha, and going all in with a full moto line. The company has partnered with Alliance Motorsports Marketing to handle the promotion and we caught up with Alliance Owner Brian Elliott and Grenade President Joseph Conderelli to find out more about the line and why Grenade has decided to open it up in moto.

Why did you guys decide to get into the moto space?
In 2009 we had the chance to do some work with Brian and the guys at MM; we have also done some collaboration work with the Hart and Huntington crew. They have all been a big part of our push into the moto industry. Grenade’s main reason for entering the moto market is pretty simple… we recognize that our target audience in the action sports community is involved in many different activities, moto being one of those… so we did some grass roots market research and found that a lot of customers who snowboard are also into riding, and with several moto enthusiasts on staff and in our sponsorship program, we knew it would be a great fit for us.

Joseph conderelli

Joseph Conderelli

What impact do you think this will have on your business?

Hopefully a positive one!! There are some amazing companies in the MX industry that have done a great job of establishing themselves over the years and our goal isn’t to come in swinging at them. We are talking a grass roots approach and going after and audience that already associates with the Grenade Brand.

What’s your goal for distribution of your moto gear? Will it be in moto retailers or boardsports retailers? Both?

Currently our focus is Moto retailers and power sports dealerships.

What differences are you seeing in dealing with moto and power sports retailers?

The biggest difference I have seen is in the store staffing. The motorsports industry has been around a long time and it seems the average shop managers/owners are in their late 40s to mid 50s; in the boardsports industry the average shop managers/owners seem to be in their late 20s to early 40s. I feel that the age difference definitely plays a role when it comes to stocking and style preferences.

When is it dropping and what’s in the new line?

Right now we are shooting to drop the line in late August 2010. [It] will include two styles of gear; the higher-end “Bulletproof Series” and the more affordable “MacAdam Series.” We will also be introducing six new styles of premium MX gloves and will be offering a full casual apparel line up.

What opportunities did you see in the market that weren’t being met by other brands?

Grenade has always had the reputation of being more of a lifestyle brand. We feel that there is a demographic in the MX industry that definitely meets the Grenade lifestyle. I wouldn’t say that there were opportunities not being met… I would just say that we are addressing a group that already recognizes our brand and we look to expand upon that.

How will your marketing messages differ to the end consumers in each of these spaces?

Our message is going to be the same as it always has… We aren’t your mainstream company, we never have been, and we never intend to be. We intend to stay true to our core values and that is more of an anti-mainstream grass roots marketing approach.

Tell me a little more about what you found in your “grassroots market research.”

We went directly to the source on this one… the riders. Snow and Dirt! We asked lots of questions and came up with a lot of similar answers. We learned that the Snowboard industry and the Motorsports Industry are both part of the same community; the Action Sports Community. Given different skill sets, the individuals are similar in almost all other aspects. This makes the task of demographic marketing much easier, seeing as the individuals are of a similar mindset.


What risks do you see as far as diluting your message in either of these specific spaces by being involved in both?

Seeing as our target audience is not changing and we are offering a product to people who already recognize the name instead of going after an all new audience… we feel our risks are minimal. Our goal isn’t to engage a different customer, just a different sport!

Do you have a moto team yet?

We are in the process of putting together three teams for the 2011 race year: a moto team, a freestyle team, and an offroad race team. We will be announcing those teams as they develop further.
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