Grind Out Hunger

Grind Out Hunger harnesses the energy of young people, and their concern for helping their peers, to raise awareness, food, and funds to fight hunger. The goal is to mobilize students to take action and become leaders around the issue of childhood hunger. The challenge is to make sure the message resonates with youth and that they have appropriate opportunities to contribute. Using trusted communicators like young adults affiliated with action sports, prominent youth athletes, and young adults who faced hunger themselves, helps make sure the message gets heard. Savvy use of tools like social media and events such as benefit concerts and skate jams makes it easy for kids to participate. While youth are often overlooked as donors and advocates fighting childhood hunger, Grind Out Hunger unlocks their potential to make a difference.

It is their mission to empower the youth by utilizing the passion of skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding and music to take leadership in the fight against childhood hunger and malnutrition.

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