Holden Outerwear Branches Out

Holden Outerwear, a boardsports brand that was initially created in 2001 in Portland, Oregon, has announced the end of its company licensing agreement with Earth Products.

“We are extremely excited to take the same passion we have had for the design and marketing at Holden to the sales and distribution aspect of the business,” sole-owners Scott Zergebel and Mike LeBlanc expressed in a press release issued Thursday, Feb. 28. “We feel we make the best outerwear on the planet and intend to now handle the business side as enthusiastically.”

Holden, a Southern California-based company, makes both women’s and men’s apparel, including snow pants and jackets, and also offers a full line of accessories, from gloves to headwear. For more information on Holden, visit the company’s official site here.