Holden Unites With ‘The Impossible Project’


Holden Outerwear announced a new partnership with ten well-known photographers and Impossible film as part of its new “The Impossible Project”— a mission to revive analog instant photography. As a new marketing platform going into the Fall/Winter of 2012, Holden is creating limited edition Holden X Impossible camera kits, which include vintage Polaroid cameras, a leather camera case, as well as custom Holden X Impossible co-produced instant film and filter.

Read more about the project, detailed in the press release below:

Portland, Oregon (January 23, 2012)-

To activate this collaboration, Holden chose 10 well known photographers to use Impossible film to shoot and capture their vision of our independent lifestyle through instant photography.  The photos will be traveling in a multinational exhibition throughout galleries worldwide and at the most prestigious art show in the Americas, Art Basel Miami Beach.  Choice photos will be used to create a limited edition Holden X Impossible tee shirt collection.  Additionally, there will be a consumer instant photography competition, hosted by Impossible, where one winner will have their work featured in the exhibition (details on the competition to come.)  

The Holden X Impossible camera kits and shirts will be available at Holdenouterwear.com, selected boutiques worldwide, and Holden X Impossible exhibitions next Fall.

Ben Puess, CEO of Holden said, "If you have ever seen a holden ad or website, then you know our love of analog photography goes back to our inception. As big fans of the medium, we could not be more proud to be working with The Impossible Project to help continue to further promote and support an art form we cherish. The Impossible team are the champions of a lost art and we are happy to showcase the immense warmth and creativity in their film. Our community, our shooters together with our friends at Vice, will work through out the season to capture a vision of the Holden "life well led" means. The best thing is that not only will we end up with some great images and gallery shows but we will be able to actively encourage others to find the timeless-in-an instant moments that make life so fun by offering the film and camera."

About Holden

Holden outerwear, is the modern, independent outerwear brand. Timeless quality, market-leading style, innovative ideas, eco-friendlier options and an openness to be yourself— are the principles that set us apart.

Based in Portland, OR and Founded by renowned professional snowboarder Mikey LeBlanc and designer Scott Zergebel, Holden grew out of a desire to bring street fashion to the mountain. Holden fills the void in the market for progressive aesthetics and companies with a conscience.

2012 marks the 10 year anniversary of Holden widely recognized leader in style trends, fabric and technical innovations, and environmentally committed outerwear. From inception, Holden has sought a singular goal: creating products that make people happier and healthier in the pursuit of a life well led.

Thank you for being you.

About Impossible

Impossible has been developing and manufacturing brand new instant film for Vintage Polaroid cameras at the former Polaroid production plant in Enschede, The Netherlands since 2008. In order to carry instant film production into the 21st century, Impossible had to find new solutions for replacing and upgrading problematic or unavailable components of the original Polaroid film formula.

Impossible films push analog instant photography beyond all traditional limits and offer a broad range of new possibilities, characteristics and results. Impossible prevents millions of perfectly functioning Polaroid cameras from becoming obsolete, changes the world of photography and keeps variety, tangibility and analog creativity and possibilities alive.

CONTACT: media@vice.com | info@holdenouterwear.com | contact@the-impossible-project.com