IG Boarding Shop Closes Its Doors

After 25 years of solid business IG Boarding Shop is closing its doors.

igDan Egan opened IG Boarding Shop in 1986. The store catered to surfing, skateboarding and year-round snowboarding in the LA/Ventura area. The layout of the shop was bigger than most in the area and even housed its own skateboarding floor-plan equipped with wall rides, ledges, mini-ramps and handrails.

Many top skateboarders came out of IG including JT Aultz, Mikey Taylor, Mike Mo Capaldi, Kevin Long, Van Wastell, Justin Case, Cooper Wiit, Curren Caples and Mark Gutterman.

Not only did many top athletes find their beginnings at IG, but several notable industry professionals as well including: Seumas Santoro, going on 10 years as the LA rep for Podium (DVS, Matix, Lakia), Scott klamecki who is now the national sales manager at Vestal Watches, Jenna (Woodhull) Graves who was the Women's Sales Manager at Hurley and now is with Volcom, EJ Jeintz who is now a sales rep for Vans, Mike Goldberg, sub rep for Hoven and Sanuk Sandals, Mike Gomez, top designer at Matix, Joe Frizzle at Volcom and Danny Geary at Volcom.

Dan Egan was not just a store owner but also a surfboard shaper, he built skateboard decks since he was 14, an avid diver and fisherman, a boat captain, a boatman/ life guard in Tavarua, a big- mountain snowboarder making the annual pilgrimage to Valdez Alaska since 1994, an explorer, and a good friend.

IG boarding shop will be missed as a vocal outspoken voice of the Action Sports Industry and while Dan may currently be out of work … he will be standing tall, and for now he can just go surfing. – John Grover, Skate One

I am moving into a more organic life following a substainable path and creating unique one-of a kind products … IG is now “individually grown”
Check out – individuallygrownsurfboards.blogspot.com
I thank all who I have crossed paths with for the greatest ride of my life.
-Dan Egan