Industry Veteran Launches Action Sports Tech Studio, Loring

Industry Veteran Launches New Action Sports Tech Studio, Loring

Industry veteran and former Red Bull marketing guru Brandon Brown has been living and breathing action sports since he was kid. For those who know the marketing expert, it came as no surprise when he and his brother Ryan Brown recently announced their decision to launch Loring, a technology development studio aimed at up-leveling the action sports industry through mobile & web-based applications.

"There are a lot of studios creating compelling technology products and applications in Government, Energy and other traditional industries, but no one really pushing the envelope in the scenes we grew up with and love – action sports, art, entertainment, etc. Our aim is to change that," expresses Brandon.

Brandon holds a deep-rooted passion for the action sports industry. This passion led to his long career stint at Red Bull North America where he held various positions including National Events Marketing Coordinator, Field Marketing Specialist and most recently Field Marketing Manager in Los Angeles, the largest US market for the brand.

Loring co-founder Ryan Brown brings years of entrepreneurial and tech experience to the table. After 4 years spent running his own successful tech firm, Joint Medias, Ryan joined the 530 Media Lab agency where he worked for clients such as Oakley, Lakai, Red Bull and LRG.

Combining their action sports, entrepreneurial and tech backgrounds, the Brown brothers hope to bring growth to the action sports industry. By building mobile and web applications, Loring will help brands engage consumers digitally, as well as automate internal business process where an existing software solution is unavailable. 

Loring's vision is to enable people and ideas through technology, focused on industries the co-founders are passionate about. Technology is still in its infancy. The population at large has barely scratched the surface of what these tools will be able to do. From Uber to Instagram to Venmo, mobile apps are changing the way the world works. Loring aims to be the team that brings these technology solutions to action sports & entertainment.

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