INI Cooperative Outerwear: 2013/14 Outerwear Preview

Men’s Samcro Jacket $269.99, Venting pant $229.99 & Men’s Marsupial Jacket $279.99, Venting Pant $299.99

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What are the three biggest trends you see shaping the market and what you are doing to meet them?
1- Reverse function– By making our garments “anti function” we push our team riders to work harder at snowboarding, thus making them better.

2- Offensive colors– Using colors which are toxic to the human eye, we are creating color pollution which will eventually decrease the amount of non serious snowboarders on the mountain.

3- Laser beams– We don’t know how laser beams equate to the latest trends, but it is really fun to say “laser beams” in our best Dr. Evil voice.

How has the market evolved over the last year and how do you see things changing in the years ahead?
We have seen the market evolving at a rapid pace. Gills are starting to be replaced by lungs, also what used to be the market's fins are now the start of small limbs perfect for terrestrial locomotion.

Has sales forecasting changed for your company?  If so, how has it changed?
In previous seasons we threw a dart at the dart board, we have come a long way since then. Now we use a scientific process. We calculate our sales manager’s bar tab for the previous year, then multiply that number by 100, this then gives us our realistic sales goal. This 13/14 season we will be doing $2,987,485,000.00 in overall snow sales.

What lessons have you learned with bookings for this season and how will you apply those to next?
Never judge a book-ing by it’s cover. We will probably stop reading, it can be detrimental to our ignorance.

Have you changed your production or distribution models at all from last season?  If so, why and how have you changed them?
In production we have stopped using human labor and switched to primate focused labor(mainly chimps for sewing- excellent manual dexterity, Gorillas for management- ominous presence keeps the chimps working hard, and Lemurs for quality inspection- their excellent eyesight at low light levels is perfect for QA/QC in dingy factory conditions). The laws are less obtrusive than with humans, plus they work for bananas.

On the distribution front, we have been consulting with certain Columbian families on the best distribution methods, you will see a lot of our product coming to the US though Miami, then filtering out to the rest of the US.

How are you working with retailers to help ensure strong margins, the right amount of product in the marketplace, and terms that set them up for success?
In order to ensure strong margins we have been making our margins attend cross fit classes .We find you can never have too much product in the market place, unless it sucks. For terms, net 365 has been very popular and allows us to not make a profit because our accounting software dismisses all receivables after 365 days.

What fabrics, colors, fits, and technologies are you focusing on for next season?
Burlap is gaining a lot of market share, you can’t beat burlap for breathability. For colors we are focusing on hideous hues, as mentioned above. Fit wise, we really see the Z Cavaricci hammer pant with 36 darts and ballooned front and back yokes as the latest trend for mens pants. We will also be bringing back the Jnco 86″ hem circumference fit, it just makes sense. Our latest technological advancement has been air bag equipped garments, this is a disruptive technology that will put the industry on its head(hope they have our air bag technology).

What are price points doing?
Limbo, How low can you go?

Are you taking any steps to minimize your environmental impact?  If so, what are some of these steps?
Yes, we don’t drink bottled water, we look at Toyota Prius advertisements while driving our Ford F950’s, and use organic/recycled/and non toxic raw materials when making our outerwear. Plus we always re-use our wet wipes, at least 3 times.

What are you doing to promote the growth of snowboarding and the next generation of riders (making kids gear, offering educational programs, etc.)?
Bat guano, worm castings, and fish meal are perfect for promoting growth.

What's in your crystal ball for  2013/2014?
Our reflection of course...

What do you hope to contribute to snowboarding?
We want to bring levity to snowboarding, with a touch of sarcasm…