Introducing Imperial Motion Reflective Collective


Introducing Imperial Motion Reflective Collective

Imperial Motion is proud to introduce the IM Reflective Collection. The new drop features two fully reflective hats and a denim pant with fully reflective printed inner cuff pattern. Shop the reflective stylings at and at finer retailers near you. Stay Safe. Stay Stylish.



Imperial Motion is a lifestyle brand based in Tacoma, WA. Our brand is centered around the ideal, never established…always evolving.

We are taught from the day we’re born to become something, grab hold of it and never let go. Establish yourself in teh world and be remembered for that 1 thing. What if you let go of what ties you down, and changed your style of life, then changed it again. Imagine being reborn againa nd again, reinventing yourself in ways that people will never know what to expect. Or go one step further and become style, never being established, always evolving.


When “what if” becomes “let’s do it” big things can happen and i the Spring of 2002, let’s do it turned into Imperial Motion. At the ripe old ages of 19, 19, and 14, Founders Eric, Steve, and Spencer simply thought, we can do it better. Not knowing anything about clothing production, having zero industry connections and only a hand full of credit cards to work with was the perfect formula to drop out of college and take over the parent’s garage. From day one, the brand has always been about the blind pursuit of our passion and the vision of what our brand would one day become. It’s this same pursuit of an Imperial standard that remains our driving force.

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