iPhone 4S…(Yawn)

apple-iphone-4s-dissapointment Last month, techy geeks excitedly gossiped about the stolen iPhone 5 prototype wandering somewhere on the streets of San Francisco. We now can assume–and joke–that whomever “stole” the prototype must have not known it was the iPhone 5, simply because there is not much difference to Apple’s next generation smartphone…on the outside anyway.

Apple warns, “don’t judge a book by its cover”, although investors and geeks alike sign in disappointment at the lack of shock-and-awe its release. “It was a big disappointment,” said Jeff Kagan, an independent telecom and technology analyst based in Atlanta. “What we expect from Apple every year is something that shakes the earth. What we had is an incremental improvement from what we had last year.”

Although there is really no cosmetic adjustment in the fifth-generation smartphone, the release of the iPhone 4S does feature a new, faster processor called the A5. The A5 processor is also used in the iPad 2. The camera technology has also improved, providing an eight-megapixel camera and an improved antenna. So, as you will not be able to obviously show off your new smartphone investment by ways of a swanky new look, you will be able to take killer photos.

Unfortunately for Apple, the less-than-dramatic release of their new product comes at a critical time in the competitive mobile market. “Google’s Android operating system, which runs on over 100 mobile devices around the globe, has grown to more than double the iPhone’s share of the smartphone market,” according to Gartner. This means that Apple might experience some significant mirroring in the dissatisfaction of the iPhone4S on their market share within the next few months.

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iPhone 4S big debut