IVI Welcomes DJ, Producer, and Retail Curator Vice

Irvine, CA - (January 15, 2013) IVI today announces the addition of musician and entrepreneur Vice as a brand ambassador. Vice joins Austyn Gillette, Rob Dyrdek, Keith Hufnagel, Carey Hart and George "EWOK" Thompson in partnering with the new sunglass brand.

IVI, created through the combined vision of founders Rob Dyrdek, Pete Fox, and Jerome Mage, bridges the gap between action sports/street cultures and luxury fashion eyewear. Featuring timeless styles with modern applications, premium materials and exclusive use of CARL ZEISS VISION sunlenses, IVI has sought ambassadors that represent the brand's concept.

IVI is partnering with ambassadors that are not only iconic in their field, but also have the passion and drive to inspire the communities around them through meaningful business ventures, content development, and philanthropy.

"Vice has been a friend for years now, and I felt when we started this he would be a great fit within the IVI community. He built his reputation on his musical talent and turned his leadership position in that industry into a production company and partner in the hugely influential CRSVR boutiques. It's that type of vision and more importantly the sweat that goes into achieving your goals that IVI represents,” says Pete Fox, CEO and Co-Founder, IVI, LLC.

“I’m happy to be a part of a brand that shares my same philosophy to get after your dreams, work hard, and create a message we hope will inspire those around us to do the same,” says Vice.

About IVI – IVI (pronounced eye-vee) is a premium sunglass and accessories brand formed from a partnership between skateboard mogul and television star, Rob Dyrdek, legendary action sports designer, Jerome Mage, and Fox Head, Inc. CEO, PeteFox. IVI eyewear products represent an elevation in street and skate inspired fashion and lifestyle. IVI sunglasses combine premium materials, sophisticated iconic lines with unique features and details. Learn more at IVIvision.com on facebook, twitter and instagram @ivivision