James Haunt Signs with Blitz Distribution

Blitz Distribution has always kept at the forefront of the culture and lifestyle market, and they are continuing that tradition by adding L.A. artist James Haunt to the team. Don’t know who James Haunt is? Havoc TV has answered that for you here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBJJQIrsU6M&feature=youtu.be.


Blitz Distribution, the distributor and brand incubator of lifestyle brands has signed a licensing agreement with James Haunt, the exclusive LA based artist.
"At Blitz we are very much looking forward to grow with James Haunt, this super talented artist. His rise in popularity and consumer appeal will allow Blitz to not only offer the brand to our current customers but to further broaden our scope of retailers we work with.

– Per Welinder, President, Blitz Distribution"

"It is with great honor and respect that the James Haunt brand joins the Blitz Distribution family.  We look forward to meeting and working closely with the strong customer base that Blitz has worked hard to develop as well as grow new relations and build many strong partnerships for years to come.”

-James Haunt

James Haunt is the creative fusion of founder James Gillette and his alter ego Haunt. Gillette has always drawn inspiration from his surroundings.  Raised in the greater Los Angeles area and surrounding himself with like-minded individuals, James developed a passion for art and creativity as a way to escape the sometimes difficult circumstances of a rebellious youth.

Gillette embodies the collective elements of a free spirited individual who has a strong will to succeed.  While undertaking some formal training in digital design the majority of James’ work stems from natural ability, strong motivation to thrive, and self-taught techniques. These strong characteristics are what developed his unique and sought after design style, large-scale mural work, and original clothing pieces.

The James Haunt clothing brand spans nationwide with exclusive drops with retailers such as Zumiez, Tillys, PacSun, Urban Outfitters, and Kitson.  As a versatile artist James has worked on multiple projects with Companies like JSLV, Red Bull, Vestal watches, Electric Visual, Flux Bindings and Skull Candy Headphones.