JF Pelchat Partners With Nidecker On New Snow Brand NOW

now snowboard

JF Pelchat, inventor, pro snowboarder, and entrepreneur, has launched a new brand, NOW, that will be dropping at SIA. Pelchat, who has teamed up with Nidecker and industry veteran Alex Warburton to handle the industrial design on the project, is keeping what the brand is actually making quiet as they roll out their social media campaign, but we’ve seen the product and it’s a very interesting spin on a legacy technology. Stay tuned for the full dope, but for now, check out their site and what other riders like Devun Walsh, Jeremy Jones, and Romain DeMarchi are saying now about NOW:

Here’s a letter JF sent out announcing the brand. Can you guess what’s dropping?

We are about to change the snowboard game and we want to bring you along for the ride.

My Name is JF Pelchat a former professional snowboarder and
 an owner of Now.
Now is a new company with it's main focus in 
creating innovative and relevant technology.

After riding for 27 years I have seen a lot of trends come and go and I can assure you that this isn't one of them. We have a product that will change the way we snowboard.

For the past decade I have been busy working from my garage on innovating snowboarding. I have spent long nights and countless 
hours fiddling, cutting, welding and grinding away until one day I managed to built a working prototype that got the support of some
 of todays elite pros.
The concept basics of this prototype are greatly 
influenced by skateboarding and how energy is transferred. This 
initial prototype is the birth of Now and it is our template on which we have based this new technology.

Now fast forward ten years and 
my dream is about to come true, which is the launch of this product
 and brand.

Follow us and find out why the Future is Now.

JF Pelchat
Whistler, BC Canada