John John Florence Lands TW SURF’s First Ever Video Sequence Cover

TransWorld SURF proudly presents the first ever major surf magazine cover taken from a digital cinema camera. This digital sequence of red hot World Tour surfer John John Florence boosting a massive 360 air was shot by photographer and filmer Blake Kueny with John’s very own Red Scarlet camera. The sequence comes straight out of John's new game-changing movie Done.

“When we were filming, I was never thinking anything like this would be possible,” comments Florence. “I always knew the camera had the capability, but getting a cover like this is just incredible.”

RED Digital Cinema began the digital cinema revolution in 2006 with the 4K RED ONE. By 2008, the same camera used to shoot feature films such as The Hobbit and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was also being used to shoot cover shots for popular magazines like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. RED Digital Cinema builds cameras around a modular foundation, giving the flexibility of full customization for each shoot.

“We are extremely excited that TransWorld SURF showcased a sequence of stills pulled out of motion footage shot on a Red Scarlet,” comments RED Digital Cinema President Jarred Land. “TransWorld SURF‘s progressive attitude continues to blur the line between stills and motion, forever changing the world of still photography.”

“I’m stoked,” says filmmaker Blake Kueny. “It’s an incredible honor to get a cover of TransWorld SURF. It’s funny to think that three years ago when I was interning for the magazine, I never thought I’d ever get a cover! Thanks to RED for making images like this possible.”

The cover shot showcases the article "John John Florence Jumps Off A Cliff" written by TransWorld SURF Creative Content Editor Chris Coté. Coté met up with Florence last month during the European leg of the ASP World Tour, when he was in contention for the ASP World Title in his first full year on tour. The feature documents John's life as one of the most elite surfers on Earth; from ruling world tour heats in front of thousands of screaming fans to getting barreled at one of Europe's heaviest slabs, and sent to the hospital after a brutal wipeout. “As much as I’d like to have given you the dirt, and dish on John John’s faults and failures, I can’t,” comments Coté. “Truth be told, he is a nice person, and a gift to surfing.”

"TransWorld SURF has continually led the way in the progression of photography," says Editor Casey Koteen, "and we're proud to deliver another surf world first. We're stoked to have one of the best airs of John's life on the cover, and to document his incredible rise as the best surfer on the planet."

Watch the video of the cover sequence, along with more exclusive and mind blowing John John clips on

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