John John Returns To Surf Exposure-Meter Glory, Slater Slays Social


2012 ASP Rookie of the Year John John Florence. Photo: ASP

Scroll through the gallery for all of this month's print and social Surf Exposure-Meter standings, as well as overall social stats across all sports with the Hookit Athlete Index:

January – February 2013




As the caption to his TransWorld Surf cover so aptly states, 'John John ascends.' After a one-month stint sitting out the Exposure-Meter top ten, Florence came back with a vengeance, and is sitting pretty atop the Overall Meter. Just for kicks, Florence also nailed the top spot on this month's Edit Meter, leaping 15 spots to top last month's golden boy, Bruce Irons. Second place overall goes to Dylan Graves, who upgraded his post by seven spots, while last month's champion, Chippa Wilson, settled for the bronze. Mover of the Month undoubtedly goes to Albee Layer, who scooped up ninth place— a sweet little 54 spot swap. Honorable mention goes to Mitch Coleborn, who made his way from 29th to sixth, caught one step behind Ian Walsh, and one ahead of Conner Coffin.





Moving on to features, the popular kid this month was Florence—surprise! — While Dylan Graves swiped yet another silver medal finish, after an impressive Puerto Rican takeover within the pages of Surfing. Bruce Irons is still riding high with a third place post, though Chippa Wilson is just one solid air away from knocking him off the podium. Peter Mendia stepped into sixth—a nice boost from last month's 13th— forging ahead of Ian Walsh, who fell four spots to land in seventh. Rounding out the top ten is Albee Layer, who earned his spot with a killer 10-page spotlight in Surfing.





With his signature smiley face and prolific ad campaigns for brands like O'Neill, Vestal, and Futures, Jordy Smith is back for round two atop the Ad Meter. While second place goes to Kekoa Bacalso and T&C, the third place post is currently up in the air; Dane Gudauskas, whose glorious mane has been plastered across the newsstands by Vans, is contending with Ian Walsh and Fox, plus Kai Barger, who is "just doing it," for Nike. Taking a backseat to his big brother's battle, Anthony Walsh carves his way into sixth, with Warren Smith and John John coming precariously close to overtaking him. Finishing up this elite panel are Luke Davis and an impossibly frustrating seven-way tie for tenth. Dear Chippa Wilson, Dane Reynolds, Evan Geiselman, Jonah Carter, Julian Wilson, Nate Tyler, and Nathaniel Curran— go ahead and play rock paper scissors and we'll catch up with you next month.





We can sum up this month's photog battle with one name: Tom Carey. Boosting far over and above the rest of the competition, Tom Carey nailed a Surfing cover and an 18-page banger of a feature. This victory is even sweeter considering it comes as the result of a 15-spot upgrade; well played Mr. Carey, well played. Coming in second is hotshot Jimmicane, who managed to capture an epic dose of Puerto Rican glory and earn himself a nice little slice of bragging rights. Though out-shot by Jimmicane this time around, O'Brien loses little ground, giving up his silver medal for bronze, but still enjoying a podium position. Last month's victor, Noyle, falls back into fourth, followed closely by Dorsey and Struntz, who share fifth. Making moves this month are 7th and 8th place artists Russo and Lugo, who jumped nine and sixteen spots, respectively. For his part, Lugo earns his top-ten credit after claiming the cover of Surfer. The top-ten ends with Glaser in tenth, just one step— and one solid feature— behind Burkard.


Monster Moves


Hello, chaos. The hierarchy has certainly been overthrown in the land of logos, as previous champ Nixon falls back into a three-way with Channel Islands and Volcom, while Monster happily swipes the top spot. O'Neill, for its part, comes off the heels of last month's first place tie with Nixon to land in a disappointing fifth place, just inches ahead of Al Merrick and Red Bull. At least last month's four-way tie has broken up, though Rockstar may not be stoked on its fall from fourth to tenth, where it has entered into yet another tie, this time with Nike.