Jones Snowboards: 2013/14 Snowboard Preview

Women’s Hovercraft $449 & Twin Sister

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Questions answered by Global Brand Director Chad Perrin

What are the biggest forces shaping the changes and developments you've made to your boards?

Backcountry is the new frontcountry - with so many riders now looking to get away from crowded resorts and turn their snowboards into their personal lifts and sherpas.  So splitboards are a big force that is shaping our line as for every solid model we have a splitboard version available, in certain sizes.  For the hiker, our solids are proven in the backcountry, from hard charging lines to backcountry booters the Mt Twin, Flagship and Aviator will not disappoint.  Point and go

Let the entire mountain become your park - make no mistake, although we have been touted as the freeride/backcountry snowboard company, we develop all our boards to ride the entire mountain, our Flagship/Mothership, Mountain Twin/Twin Sister and Aviator are solid all mountain freestyle machines and are not just limited to bombing steep lines and spines, these models were meant to get off the ground and riders like Alex Yoder, Forrest Shearer and Wyatt Stasinos are proof positive that these boards can hold the line no matter what obstacle is thrown in front of them.

Last year we introduced our first women's line and now we have increased demand in the women's market segment and this is a big area of focus for us in the 13-14 season.  We have added more size options to the Mothership/Women's Solution and for the first time we are adding a women's Hovercraft lineup for the 13-14 collection.

Chad Perrin

To what degree are you emphasizing camber shape and core profiles in your lineup?

Camber shape is a major emphasis for us, as all our boards have differing camber profile matrixes to suit each boards riding characteristics.  We are introducing a full cambered board with a twist, called the Aviator for the 13-14 season.  This board has traditional camber then it bevels (concaves) up long the edges at the tip and tail to give it that playful and loose yet predictable feel, Our Mtn Twin has and revised shape and camber between the feet and equal reverse camber rise in the nose and tail so that the whole mountain can turn into a skatepark for the rider.  Whereas our Flagship has more rocker in the nose and slightly less in the tail, as this is a board meant for aggressive and fast descents Jeremy found the need to have more rocker in the front as well as stiffness to keep riders from going over the bars.  The Solution is the same Camber matrix as the Flagship.  The Hovercraft, one of Jeremy's and our staff's favorites has slight rocker in the nose and camber under the foot as well as slight concave in the tail for max slash power and allowing the tail to loosen up a little more than in the previous years models.

Are you cooking up any new materials or construction techniques?

The Flagship, Mountain Twin, and Aviator will feature a new core that has harder wood at the rails for improved energy transfer, grip on ice dampening and side impact resistance.  As well we are adding our Carbon X technology to the Flagship, Aviator, and Solution to give the rider added stability and chatter control at the nose, then carbon stringerss will go the length of the board (tip to tail) for added snap and increased response.  All of our boards come with Mellow Magne Traction.

We are testing some serious high tech for a new line that we will be developing for the future, can's tell you details, just know that it is going to blow people's minds.

What themes are you seeing for graphics?

We have always preferred the more simplistic, more organic looking graphics for the Jones line.  We are proud that the Mountain Twin/Twin Sister graphics for the 13-14 season were created by legendary rider, Bryan Iguchi, to have a graphic done by him is an amazing honor for us.  For our Flagship and Mothership models we returned to our roots and have re-introduced the original Flagship graphic on a new wood topsheet.  The Hovercraft for this year will have a surf inspired graphic atop a new bamboo topsheet, keeping in line with the natural feel of the Jones lineup for the 13-14 season.