Keep A Breast Welcomes Amy Stobbe

Amy Stobbe is Keep A Breast‘s most recent addition to the team as Sales Manager. Amy left her position as Domestic Sales Manager at Tum Yeto after 16 years of dedication to the company. Tum Yeto‘s, Tod Swank, sent out a little Q&A with Amy about her leave.

Amy and the Tum Yeto crew...She will move her talents to Keep A Breast

Amy and the Tum Yeto crew...She will move her talents to Keep A Breast

Wow! Yes it is true. Amy Stobbe put in her resignation to me recently here at Tum Yeto HQ. WTF!? is up with that!?!

Amy started at Tum Yeto on 9/18/95. That is 16 years ago. Foundation is 22 years this year. So Amy has been on board for about 3/4 the life of the company. She has been a amazing part of the Tum Yeto family. She started as a receptionist. She was not a skateboarder but a hot, young punk rock chick.  She quickly graduated into the sales team. Over the years she has worked every aspect of sales. Core accounts, key accounts, international accounts, new accounts, you name it. She easily became friends with our partners out there. And she has always been a team player. Especially through these past few tough years. I will always be eternally thankful to Amy’s loyalty, dedication and enthusiasm.

She has taken a position at my friend, Shanney Jo’s great company, Keep A Breast. I think it’s a great new chapter for Amy and the Keep A Breast organization both. It will not be easy to fill Amy’s Doc Martin boots but we will do our best.

How we met:

Amy, “Nikki Sloate told me she was leaving for a back packing trip in Europe and that Foundation Super Company was going to be looking for someone to replace her as receptionist. I asked how to get an interview and she told me to come to The Livewire Bar that night… I did, you were there.. my interview went something like this.”

Nikki: This is my friend Amy. She’s going to be your new receptionist.

Tod: Ok.

Me: Um. So should I show up on Monday?

Tod: Sure.

Amy. “As I embark on this new adventure I think back to everything that I’ve experienced in my years at Tum Yeto. Pretty much all my life milestone have been during my years at Tum Yeto.. pretty cool!”

Turn 21 and learn how to party.

Meet the boyfriend which turned out to become my husband.

Get married to that boyfriend.

Buy a house.

Have a baby.

Become a Mom.

That really is incredible. I am happy and honored that Tum Yeto and I could participate that extensively in Amy’s and many of our staff’s and teams lives. I have always been so excited when someone comes to me and tells me they are getting married, having a   kid or buying a house. (Job security anyone!?!) No really I mean it.

Big thanks and props to Amy for being a great friend to Tum Yeto. I know many of you out there love Amy and working with her because I have been told so many times by Tum Yeto Cooperatives.

Please do not hesitate to give Amy a big whoop whoop during her last days at Tum Yeto HQ San Diego Proper!

All best and keep on rolling! TS