Killington VT Opens For Pass Holders Only

Killington, Vermont opened up last weekend for season pass holders only, calling  it "season pass holder appreciation." No day tickets were sold. Killington is shut down now and is back to waiting for the real cold and snow to come. Killington has historically been one of the first resorts to open up for the season, and it's pretty cool they hooked up an early October weekend of shredding exclusively for their devoted customers.

"Killington's Rob Megnin said the early start is really a tribute to the past -- and something they hope to see reborn. 'We've gotta return to the days of old when Killington was the beast -- and we are the beast and this is one of the things that really is core to our brand and we're going to continue to look to open early and close late as long as we can, as long as mother nature allows,' he said."

Check out the video from the weekend from local news station WCAX.