Krush Releases Fall 2012 Buyer’s Report

Krush Buyers Report

A company  designed to take the guess work out of forecasting, Krush has released its second Buyer’s Report, chock full of useful information to help  retailers and buyers predict trends for the Fall and Winter 2012 season. With a focus on next season’s lifestyle and skate trends, what’s out, as well as its first look at the women’s market, this report holds detailed information and predictive data about top styles from each category based on crowd sourced feedback on 18 of the most popular brands within the industry. The reports are also broken down by region this time around—an offering that is new to Krush clients, allowing retailers to pick what trends will be hitting in their specific locations.

The crew at Krush is also working on its next round of reports and ways to improve the information they are providing, according to CEO Gina Ashe. “We’re really committed to the women’s side of the industry,” says Ashe. “We’ve done a report on women’s apparel and plan to really explode this so that brands can deliver what the female action sports market wants.” Krush is also working diligently on its first “The KRUSH Snow Report,” which is expected to be released later this month and includes an analysis of the top trends in snow product from dozens of brands.

TransWorld Business got the inside scoop on the top line predictions that the new report holds, with a detailed breakdown of the hoodie market. For information from all the top categories, including men’s and women’s T-shirts, woven and knit  tops, and jackets, or for pricing for the Krush Buyers Report, please visit

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Here’s more details from Krush’s official release:

The KRUSH Reports for Skate and Lifestyle aggregate and analyze consumer feedback data collected from 18 popular brands, including DC, C1RCA, Nomis, Fallen, Insight, Osirus, Ambig, Grenade, SPY, Sanuk and others. The Reports detail the most popular items among different target market segments, geographic regions and a range of social media categories. In all, lines received over 113,000 ratings on nearly 940 different products from consumers that indicate trends like:

• Longer silhouettes with dropped shoulders will be in for Men's hoodies

• The most popular men's tees will sport large, one or two color graphics that are prominent on the center chest

• For women, the new tees are longer with painterly graphics and hand-screened prints sitting center-chest as well

• Women also rated top jackets to be longer and fitted with tall collars and wider ribs at the cuffs

Krush Sample Report Women's Apparel

"The Fall & Winter 2012 Report series to is our first to capture data on women's lines. We've made a commitment to reflect to retailers what young women who love the action sports lifestyle want," stated Gina Ashe, founder and CEO of KRUSH. "We've also included sections on "What's Out" to capture what's trending down so that retailers can distinguish items that are sunsetting."

The release of The Skate and Lifestyle Series Report coincides with Agenda, the invitation-only tradeshow for the top brands in the streetwear and action sports industry, just held in Long Beach, CA. KRUSH invited select skate and lifestyle brands who show their upcoming lines at Agenda to be included in the Report. For the past month, participating brands previewed their Fall 2012 lines to consumers – thousands of trendsetters and "fast followers" – who rated each item from upcoming collections in an online SneakPeek™ event on KRUSH. Afterwards, KRUSH provided each brand with a detailed report and brands featured their "Top Krushed" products for Fall/Winter 2012 to retail buyers at the show. Starting today, the aggregated results across all of the brands' SneakPeeks are made available to the retail buying industry in the KRUSH Reports.

Since retail buyers need to consider products across a number of categories, the Reports covers Men's and Women's Tops and Tees, Hoodies, Sweatshirts and Jackets, Accessories and Footwear. The top brands and products for each category are ranked on a nationwide scale as well as a regional scale. Six smaller, regional reports tailor results for buyers who want a more "local" look at what will be trending next year.