Las Vegas Resort Amps Up Snowmaking

Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort

Las Vegas (October 26, 2010)-Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort (LVSSR) announces its increased snowmaking capability with the addition of a larger snowmaking pond.  Installed this summer, the new pond has a capacity to hold 7.5 million gallons of water-more than four times the supply of the previous pond, which held only 1.6 million gallons. The increased capacity means more snow on the area’s runs for its skiers and snowboarders.

“Our goal is to provide our guests with the optimal snow sport experience, and the additional capacity of the new, larger pond is an integral part of our achieving that goal,” says Curt Sheffield, LVSSR’s director of business affairs. “When the project is complete next year, we will have the ability to provide waist-deep powder on all of our runs, which is a skier and boarder’s dream.”

The reservoir is the first phase of a two-part project. The second phase of the project, which will see the addition of more snow guns, will take place during the 2011 off-season.